CCC Lapas And Rockart

CCC Lapas And Rockart

For all your lapa and rockart needs

Thatched lapas and Rock art

we do all kinds of thatched roofs and rockart in Gauteng

Offering you the best thatch roofing and Rockart, our product range includes covered walkways, shelters, lapas and thatch umbrellas, along with other construction and theming materials such fencing, poles, posts, and more. Adding thatch can transform the look of existing indoor and outdoor structures. We work all across Gauteng

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We are specialists in thatching, building lapas, swiming pools and braai areas

Thatching is a highly affordable roofing technique that, when done well, results in a weather-resistant, low-maintenance and, above all, beautiful roof.

Around the world, there are various thatching methods that are passed down from generation to generation and vary per region. At its most basic, however, thatching involves making bunches of dried reed, straw, rushes, grass or some other type of vegetation. lining them up tightly on a pre-made framework on a roof. Then adding layer upon layer until the entire roof is covered.

It’s important that the roof has enough of a slant so that the vegetation can lead the water from any precipitation off the roof to protect the inner roof. And because the thatching materials are densely packed together, they trap air between them and function as insulation. This makes thatch roofing a widespread roofing material in both temperate and tropical climates.                  

Reshape your home

At CCC Pools and Lapas we Create Rock Art, that has an appearance that is so close to nature.  The human mind would be fooled into thinking it has been built with actual rocks. 

Enhance your pool surrounds, interior and exterior walls, pondsfountains and paving today.

Brick braais are perfect for any area in your yard. Choose clay bricks that blends in with the surroundings. Never use a concrete brick in a braai, they can explode. Leave it to the professionals, to complete the home of your dreams 

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